So, it can snow in February?

Ok, I know, I’m being snarky as two days over 70 degrees in the DC-Baltimore area have been bummed about this winter.  But. . .there will be snow. . .for some.  Currently, temperatures in the I-95 corridor of DC-Baltimore are in the low 50s with showers and even some thunderstorms popping up.  This does not bode well for much snow around here and based on this winter so far. . .I’m not surprised.  So, here’s a quick update on the storm and snow totals from DC up through Boston.

Bottom Line:  Rain overnight will change to snow from NW-SE across most areas and there may be some rumbles of thunder.  Temperatures will drop into the morning hours and snow intensity will pick up, especially from Eastern PA east through NYC and eventually to Boston.  Thundersnow is a real possibility and winds will increase through the day.  While the snow ends in the morning from DC-Baltimore, afternoon snow showers and squalls will still cause problems and some light accumulation.

Below are the various snowfall maps from your local NWS forecast offices.

Sterling WFO Snowfall Map valid for 02/09/17.
Mt. Holly WFO Snowfall Map valid for 02/09/17.
State College WFO Snowfall Map valid for 02/09/17.
Upton WFO Snowfall Map valid for 02/09/17.
Taunton WFO Snowfall Map valid for 02/09/17.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the snow (if you get it)!

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