Thanksgiving Snow Threat?

Yes, there is something worth watching over the next few days.  Most computer models have had a storm just offshore of the east coast, of course varying with exact location.  In the last 24 hours, a couple models have been moving this storm closer to the coast and thus, we introduce the risk of a possible snowstorm for Thanksgiving.  How disruptive?  I think the jury is still out, but I’m getting more confident that some accumulating, if not quite a bit of accumulating snow is on the way.

The 12z GFS 84-hour forecast valid 7 pm EST on 11/26/14.
The 12z GFS 84-hour forecast valid 7 pm EST on 11/26/14.

For now, I’m going to leave you with the GFS option above as I’m not allowed to show the Euro model on here.  How much snow?  I think that’s a great question, but the first guess would be 3″-6″ in the 95 corridor with possibly more in the mountains and less near the coast (coastal NJ on this track would get 1″ or less).  THIS FORECAST WILL KEEP CHANGING!  Sorry to yell, but I want to point out that nothing is absolute right now.

Quick points:

1.  After some rain (possibly heavy and maybe even some thunder) tonight into tomorrow, we will cool off, but not as cold as recent.

2.  A coastal storm will affect the area to some degree starting Tuesday night and lasting through Wednesday, wrapping up by Thanksgiving morning.

3.  Storm effects:  wind, rain, snow, possibly heavy at times

4.  Check your travel plans now!

5.  The rest of the country will be fairly quiet by comparison.

6.  It’s only November. . .

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