So you wanna know about the next storm, eh?

Well, so do I!  This next storm is complicated and will come in waves.  Although I’m not a fan of giving potential snow or ice accumulations this far out, I can tell you that the trend has been colder and snowier today, but it is tricky!

MODIS RGB Air Mass image valid at 1032 UTC on 02/28/14.
MODIS RGB Air Mass image valid at 1032 UTC on 02/28/14.

This beautiful storm that is moving into California with mountain snows, heavy coastal rains, and even strong thunderstorms.  I know I’ve heard a saying that goes something like:  “thunderstorms in LA, snow to follow in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast”.  Maybe I’m making this up?

Anyway, the early word is that we will go from a milder weekend with temperatures from DC-Boston quite a bit warmer than today.  Sunday afternoon/evening, the rain will begin in the DC-Baltimore area, but might be cold enough for winter precipitation farther north.  Boston area will wait until Monday for all of this to begin and it should largely be snow.  As the overnight settles in, so will much colder air from Philly on south with a transition to freezing rain and sleet.  If today’s models are correct, a decent snowfall could then occur on Monday from DC-NJ.

That’s all I’ll say for now, but I’ll try to update tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!

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