Tropical Storm Andrea’s East Coast Visit

This is a short post to keep my Mid-Atlantic friends updated on our first tropical storm of the 2013 season.  This should NOT be a big deal for NJ, but more like a weak-moderate nor’easter heading into your Friday.  There might be some wind gusts to 30-40 mph, but I think we can handle this.  The bigger threat will be heavy rainfall and possible flash flooding.  I’m sure the on-shore flow might cause some minor coastal issues, but this shouldn’t be a big problem.

I have included the Weather Prediction Center (WPC) rainfall forecast for the next three days below.  I have also included the latest National Hurricane Center (NHC) forecast track.

WPC forecasted rainfall
WPC 48-hour rainfall forecast valid at 8 pm EDT on 06/06/13.
The NHC track forecast for TS Andrea
The NHC track forecast for TS Andreavalid at 5 pm EDT on 06/06/13.

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