From Superstorms to Snowstorms

This is just a short post to acknowledge that I underestimated the snow potential for this storm. I am in good company as even the National Weather Service was in the same boat as me with a forecast of 1″-2″ for coastal sections, while inland would get 2″-6″. It turns out the heavier snowband setup closer to the coast where I have gotten reports of 3″ in Toms River to 4″ in Middletown. I know this is just adding insult to injury and I’m sorry I didn’t see this change in the storm track.

Radar image as of 6:50 pm EST on 11/07/12.

The radar image above shows a rather solid band of moderate to heavy snow from New York City down to southern Ocean County. This band is currently in the pivot point of the storm and will slowly start moving offshore later this evening. In the meantime, an additional 2″-3″ if certainly possible which will add to the heavy stress on the trees. After talking to my cousin Chrissi who saw a “blue flash”, it appears more power outages will be possible. The saving grace, the wind is much lower than expected. It will pick up later tonight as the storm moves away from the area, but gusts should be in the 35-45 mph range.

GOES-13 Infrared satellite image as of 2345z on 11/07/12

Satellite imagery shows the surface low (red “L”) slowly pulling north-northeast this evening. The area highlighted in blue is the area of heaviest snowfall that will slowly pivot east this evening. The good news is that temperatures warm up tomorrow, so much of this snow will melt. Just think. . .warmer temperatures in a week, possibly flirting with 70 or higher.

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