A Unique View of Sandy’s Aftermath and Another Storm?

While many are trying to find some sense of normalcy from NJ to RI, I was given this impressive animation (click to animate) of Sandy’s aftermath with regard to power outages. There is a new polar orbiting satellite that has a very unique instrument that can help officials locate the hardest hit areas. As you can see, many locations in north-coastal NJ (Monmouth County) are without power as of last night. I have heard that power is being restored slowly in places like Pt. Pleasant, Toms River, and Atlantic City. My thoughts and prayers go out to my family and friends who are coping with this disaster.

Suomi NPP VIIRS Day-Night Band highlighting the power outages in NYC and NJ. This image is courtesy of William Straka III of CIMSS/SSEC at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Could there be another storm? Yes. Will it be as bad? No! Computer models are hinting at a nor’easter developing on Monday or Tuesday and affecting the area through Wednesday. Although this storm will be much weaker compared to Sandy, it is important to note that the coastal areas are highly vulnerable and flooding concerns could return next week. Keep posted and I’ll make sure to keep you informed through the weekend.

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