Hurricane Isaac scrapes the Southeast Louisiana coastline

Hurricane Isaac briefly made landfall on the Mississippi Delta in Southeast LA earlier this evening before wobbling west again. Winds remain at 80 mph this evening and the pressure has dropped to 968 mb, meaning there could still be some strengthening. Strong winds and heavy rain are moving through Southeast Louisiana, including New Orleans and will continue overnight along with a 12 ft storm surge. Lakefront Airport recently recorded winds of 46 mph, gusting to 67 mph. An oil platform in the Gulf that has been in the western portion of the storm was reporting winds of 86 mph, gusting to 102 mph during a strong squall.

Radar of Hurricane Isaac at 10:28 pm EDT on 08/28/12.

The radar image above shows a nearly complete eye wall still over water. The storm will continue moving west-northwest overnight with rain and wind spreading west towards Lafayette and Jennings by morning. I expect rain and wind to pick up in Lake Charles around sunrise if not a bit before.

Isaac is a slow mover and will take a while to wind down. There are no changes on the track ideas and the rainfall and tornado graphics from earlier are still valid.

I will try to post in the morning. Thanks for reading!

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