No changes on storm

I am not one to change a forecast with each model run. I still think this is mainly a rain event, ending as some snow. It appears as though the NWS forecast offices are in the same boat for the I-95 corridor. If you want snow maps, here they are:

Snowfall accumulation map from NWS LWX - Sterling, VA.
Snowfall accumulation map from NWS PHI - Mt. Holly, NJ

As you can see in the National Weather Service (NWS) maps above, their forecast is for accumulating snow well inland and north and west of DC-Baltimore. I am in agreement with this as I thought the snow bands in the models yesterday were too far south (and too good to be true). This storm looks to be stronger than models originally forecasted due to an interaction between a southern system and a northern system. They will phase along the Delmarva area tomorrow evening leading to rapid intensification of the surface low. Rain will be heavy at times tomorrow afternoon into the evening, possibly changing to snow on the back side of the departing low. Winds will also increase and I wouldn’t be surprised to see gusts over 40 mph. It does get much cooler behind this system with highs in the low 40s on Thursday.

Don’t fret, there will be more threats of snow ahead. I hope to write a post soon that will explain my outlook for this winter. . .not much snow and rather mild is my initial thought. More on this later.

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